Tiger Store SAN Management Software - Server

MDC + IP server software for shared storage workflow. Allows multiple computers to use the same SAN storage space. For Fibre Channel, SAS, InfiniBand and iSCSI SANs. You need one server license on a separate computer for your shared SAN. Must run on 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003 R2/Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Windows 7/Windows 8 or 64-bit Windows Server 2012.

Tiger Store is the ideal solution for:

  • video editing and post workgroups
  • On-set capture with instant dailies logging and editing
  • Surveillance and image acquisition
  • Scientific, pre-press, medical and satellite imaging analysis
  • Shared storage for rich media educational facilities
  • Alternative to Avid Unity

Tiger Store Workflow

Tiger Store Storage Workflow Software transforms your un-managed direct attached storage into an intelligent collaborative shared storage workflow platform. With a few clicks in the easy Tiger Store web UI you can use the storage and the network connection of your choice to create productivity-boosting, multi-user workflow systems. Share media and metadata among users, use all your favorite front-end applications, collaborate on projects, and let Tiger Store handle file system and sequence defragmentation for maximum performance, productivity, and uptime.

Tiger Store software is compatible with off the shelf server or workstation hardware and so provides users and administrators with enormous flexibility in their configurations. Tiger Store is an open abstract layer over the host file system, and so provides advanced sharing capabilities and functionality while still allowing users the ability to deactivate the Storage Workflow Engine and easily return to the native environment. It is a transparent and open approach to shared storage.

Features & Capabilities

  • Easily setup, configure, and maintain a high-performance shared storage solution
  • Use Ethernet. SAS or Fibre Channel technology where it best fits
  • Overcome common network protocol limitations
  • Use the apps you need, including Avid bin locking
  • Get the highest level of performance and uptime

 Tiger Store Data Sheet

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