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  • External HD Mini SAS

This is the latest SAS connector type which meets the new SAS 3.0 12Gb/s specification.

Before the popularity of SAS Expanders, people had to use 8087-to-8088 adapters to convert unused internal ports into external ports. This is still common for SATA controllers, or SAS controllers that are not being used with a SAS Expander setup.

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SFF-8644 Cables & Adapters

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SFF-8643 2 Port SFF-8644 to SFF-8643 Adapter
PCI bracket
SFF-8643     SFF-8644 to SFF-8643 Cable
SFF-8644 SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 Cable
SFF-8644 to 4xSFF-8644 Fanout Cable
SFF-8644 to 2xSFF-8644 Fanout Cable
SFF-8088 SFF-8644 to SFF-8088 Cable
SFF-8644 to 4xSFF-8088 Fanout Cable
SFF-8644 to 2xSFF-8088 Fanout Cable
SFF-8087     SFF-8644 to SFF-8087 Cable
SFF-8482 SFF-8644 to 4xSFF-8482 Fanout Cable
SFF-8644 to 2xSFF-8482 Fanout Cable
7-pin SATA SFF-8644 to SATA Cable


SAS RAID Controllers with SFF-8644 Connectors

LSI 9480-8I8E 2 X SFF-8644 2 x SFF-8643
LSI 9380-8I8E 2 X SFF-8644 2 x SFF-8643
LSI 9380-8E 2 X SFF-8644  
LSI 9380-4i4e 1 X SFF-8644 1 X SFF-8643
Areca ARC-1883X 2 X SFF-8644  
Areca ARC-1883LP 1 X SFF-8644 1 X SFF-8643
Areca ARC-1883IX-12 1 X SFF-8644 3 X SFF-8643
Areca ARC-1883IX-16 1 X SFF-8644 4 X SFF-8643
Areca ARC-1883IX-24 1 X SFF-8644 6 X SFF-8643

SAS Host Bus Adapters with SFF-8644 Connectors

Broadcom 9400-8E 2 X SFF-8644  
Broadcom 9400-8I8E 2 X SFF-8644 2 x SFF-8643
Broadcom 9400-16E 4 X SFF-8644  
Broadcom 9300-8E 2 X SFF-8644  
Broadcom 9300-4i4e 1 X SFF-8644 1 X SFF-8643
Broadcom 9300-16E 4 X SFF-8644  
Broadcom 9305-16E 4 X SFF-8644  
ATTO H1244 1 X SFF-8644 1 X SFF-8643
ATTO H1280 2 X SFF-8644  
ATTO H12F0 4 X SFF-8644  


SAS Expander Enclosures with SFF-8644 Connectors

8-Bay Enclosure
with SAS Expander

12-Bay Rackmount
with SAS Expander

16-Bay Rackmount
with SAS Expander

24-Bay Rackmount
with SAS Expander


more connectors:

SFF-8643 (Internal HD Mini SAS)
SFF-8087 (Internal Mini SAS)
SFF-8088 (External Mini SAS)
SFF-8482 (SAS 29 pin / Power)

SFF8643 SFF8644 SFF8482
SFF8087 SFF8088

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