QSAN XCubeFAS 2U 26-bay 2.5" All-Flash Array XF2026D

XCubeFAS is an active-active dual controller All-Flash Array storage system, supporting both iSCSI IP-SAN and FC-SAN with ultra high performance. Enterprise features include multiple volume creation, automatic remote replication, SSD monitoring, performance analytics, and even more amazing features have never been easier to use.
Manufacturer: QSAN
Manufacturer part number: XF2026D

The following is the quick performance comparison between XS5226D and XF2026D conducted in our lab. (under 1ms latency)


XS5226D (SAN)

XF2026D (FAS)


4K Random read




4K Random write





XCubeFAS is an entry All-Flash Array such as Pure M10, Nimble AF1000 and Dell EMC Unity 300F/450F with much lower entering price point.


Flash For All

The XCubeFAS XF2026D was developed on a foundation of three simple concepts: All-Flash Arrays should be user-friendly and operable by all, be able to be deployed or integrated into any environment, and should be affordable for any size business. Based on these three ideas, the XCubeFAS XF2026D was born.

All Can Operate

Imagine a superior, simple, and secure storage solution that offers complete freedom. The freedom to concentrate on your business. The freedom to spend more time with your family, and less time in the server room. The freedom from the stress of complicated configurations. With the XCubeFAS XF2026D, all of the can be achieved. The XF2026D is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to manage your storage in just a few simple clicks. Multiple volume creation, automatic remote replication, SSD monitoring, performance analytics, and even more amazing features have never been easier to use. To make things better, if you're unalbe to be at the office, you can even operate your XF2026D with your mobile device. With QSAN's new all-flash array, we redefine the professional.

All Can Afford

All-Flash Arrays being unaffordably expensive is nothing new. It's a sad story for the smaller businesses that require this type of product. QSAN understands that companies deserve to have the best products available, but shouldn't have to sacrifice tons of money to be able to aquire them. That's why we made our all-flash SAN the most affordable of its kind on the market.

Storage Life Analytics

One major challenge for IT professionals is how to prevent multiple SSDs from failing at the same time. QSAN took this challenge, and created a solution that allows users to know when to replace SSD's BEFORE they fail. QSAN's native SSD technology, QSLife, offers users the ability to analyze SSD activity by using a unique algorithm, helping to keep an eye on SSD health and other information. The user needs to only set up the alert point threshold, and will be notified of any developments automatically.

Rescue and Restore

Traditionally, if you deleted a snapshot on your SAN device, it was gone forever. This is especially frustrating if - and we've all been there - a snapshot was deleted by accident. QSAN's all-flash SAN brings you Snapshot Recycle Bin and Volume Restoration, an innovative feature that allows you to rescue and restore data that was deleted, either intentionally or due to human negligence. This feature offers extra protection and elasticity to your valuable data.

Dual-Active Design - Extreme Reliability

All of the critical components in the XF2026D are hot swapable and designed with full redundancy. Additionally, this device features a dual-active controller architecture, automatic failover/failback mechanism, and cache mirroring through NTB (Non-Transparent Bridge) bus to achieve Active-Active functionality, enabling the XF2026D to withstand multiple component failures and achieve 99.9999% availability. With 99.9999% availability, the XF2026D delivers reliable, ultra-high performance and comprehensive storage functionality through maintenance, upgrades, operation, protection management, encryption, and monitoring.

Cache-to-Flash Memory Protection Technology 

In the unfortunate event of power loss, the I/O cache data stored in volatile memory will be lost.This issue can cause data inconsistencies, especially in database applications. The XF2026D can provide an optional Cache-to-Flash memory protection function that will safely transfer the memory cache data to a non-volatile flash deice for permanent preservation. The optional Cache-to-Flash module comes with an M.2 flash module and either a BBM (Batery Backup Module) or an SCM (Super Capacitor Module).

Mission Critical Applications

QSAN's all-new All-Flash Array comes with a host of enterprise applications that are critical for large and small enterprises alike. On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP), High-Performance Computing (HPC), virtualized data centers and data warehouses, and e-mail, web, and file serving in large enterprise environments typically require the direct access to block-level devices, heavy I/O workloads and low I/O latency.

The XF2026D provides extreme IOPS at record-low latency levels with QSAN's proprietary Storage Optimization Engine, bringing high-class performance designed for these I/O critical applications.

Key Features

  • Active-Active dual controllers with seamless failover
  • Memory (per Controller): DDR4 ECC 32GB, up to 128GB.
  • Expansion Capabilities: Up to 4 expansion units using 12Gb SAS expansion enclosure
  • 19" Rackmount
  • Rails included!
  • Memory Protection: Cache-to-Flash backup module (optional) with long-lifetime super capacitor or traditional battery support.
  • LCM (LCD Module): USB LCM included!
  • Power Supply: 80 PLUS Platinum, two redundant 770W (1+1)
  • Fan Module: 2 x hot pluggable/redundant fan modules
  • Up to 130 drives
  • Warranty: System: 3 years, Battery backup module: 1 year, Super Capacitor module: 1 year

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