QSAN XCubeSAN 3U 16-bay XS1216S XS1216D XS5216D

XCubeSAN is an active-active dual controller storage system, supporting both iSCSI IP-SAN and FC-SAN with ultra high performance. Enterprise features include thin provisioning, SSD cache, auto tiering, snapshot, volume cloning and remote replication. Choose between single controller, dual controller and max performance dual controller models.
Manufacturer: QSAN
Manufacturer part number: XS1216S XS1216D XS5216D


XCubeSAN is a fully-featured and cost-effective enterprise SAN system with 10gbE and optional FC & 1gbE connectivity. Dual-Active controllers double the available host bandwidth, ports and cache-hit ratio, in addition to seamless failover. All critical components are hot pluggable and designed for full redundancy at 99.999% availability.


XCubeSAN has Best-in-class performance beating all rivals! With RAID 6, up to 435K sequential and 7K Random IOPS with 7200RPM drives, Up to 1.1M sequential IOPS and 630K Random IOPS with SSDs. Achieved max transfer rates of 1.5GB/sec on each FC16 and 1GB/sec on each 10gbE port. Between 150 and 350K SSD and 2.5K-5.2K pure HDD IOPS in simulated random access application benchmarks. (Benchmark results obtained with 24-26 SAS drives and dual mid-tier controllers.)

SAN BrandMax IOPS Before Latency Increase
Netapp AFF 39000 IOPS
Fujitsu Eternus 125000 IOPS
QSAN XCubeSAN 12xx 220000 IOPS
QSAN XCubeSAN 52xxD (4-core) 350000 IOPS

Enterprise features come with Automated Storage Tiering & Redundancy

QSAN XCube units combine:

  • SSD Caching for best performance
  • Automated Tiered Storage for best speed optimization
  • Replication for maximum safety

...amongst other high-end options.

StorageReview.com Review:

XS1200 Review (Base Model)
"It certainly is one of the fastest SQL Server storage arrays we have seen so far..."

"Overall the QSAN XCubeSAN XS1200 has a lot of great capabilities to help it make a name for itself in the market. At entry-level midmarket pricing, it outpaced many of the systems we've tested in much higher price brackets."

XS5226D Review
"Overall, the XS5200 did quite well, taking full advantage of the Toshiba PX04 SAS3 SSDs we installed. Performance in total is very impressive, as 6GB/s read and 5GB/s write (64K sequential) out of an SMB SAN is very good."

Wide Ranging Product Portfolio

XCubeSAN models come in multiple configurations to fit your needs and budget. For many the XS1200D system with dual controllers would be the sweet spot. However if you are limited by budget, you can start with the single controller XS1200S and add a second controller later. For applications that serve a larger-than-typical client load, the XS5200 model provides double the CPU power and memory. For even better caching performance memory upgrades are available - up to a maximum of 32GB per controller for XS1200 and 128GB per controller for XS5200 series.

Built-in High Speed 10GbE LAN Ports

Each controller includes two 10gbE ports, and with 40gbps throughput on a dual controller system, the base unit is ready for a variety of applications including data sharing, backup, video editing, and native virtualization support for VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V.

Scale-up Solution

A unique feature of XCubeSAN is the expansion system. Need more ports? More bandwidth? Fibre Channel? Don't have a 10gbE or FC switch/network in place? No problem! XCubeSAN allows you to expand up to 12 FC or 20 10gbE or 16 1gbE ports!


Custom designed SAN OS 4.0 is designed for ease of use and full of speed, reliability and convenience features such as snapshots, thin provisioning, local volume cloning, automatic SAN to SAN replication, SSD caching, auto-tiering. Full support is provided for VSS, MPIO, MC/S, VSS, ODX and VAII. SANOS supports complete RAID levels including RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, N-way mirror, and also RAID EE technology including RAID 5EE, 6EE, 50EE, 60EE for reducing the long rebuild risk. You can choose the appropriate RAID level to best suit the application requirements.


No SAN unit is complete without a high-quality support system. While QSAN Technology is primarily Taiwan-based, they are available during part of US business hours. To bridge the gap, PC PitStop, as well as other QSAN partners in the US, provide first line of support, carry spare parts and assist with any warranty issues.



Key Features

  • Active-Active controllers with seamless failover
  • Certified for VMware Vsphere & VAAI, Hyper-V, Server 2016, MS ODX, Citrix Xen Server
  • Memory (per Controller): DDR4 ECC 4GB, up to 32GB/128GB. To support SSD Caching, the minimum memory per controller is 8GB.
  • Expansion Capabilities: Up to 10 expansion units using 12Gb SAS expansion enclosure
  • 19" Rackmount
  • Memory Protection: Cache-to-Flash backup module (optional) with long-lifetime super capacitor or traditional battery support.
  • LCM (LCD Module): USB LCM (optional)
  • Power Supply: 80 PLUS Platinum, two redundant 770W (1+1)
  • Fan Module: 2 x hot pluggable/redundant fan modules
  • WOL and Spin-down functionality for power management
  • Tested on Windows Server, SLES, RHEL, CentOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, OSX
  • Supports HTTPS/SSH security for management, iSCSI CHAP and Force Field, SED drive encryption
  • iSCSI: Up to 256 iSCSI Targets, 512 hosts per controller, 1024 sessions per controller
  • FC16: Up to 256 hosts per controller
  • Up to 272 drives
  • Upgrade to next model simply via controller swap
  • Warranty: System : 3 years, Cache backup module : 1 year

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