NVMe 16 port External 24-Port Host/Target Adapter - PM304E

Board can support Host mode or Target mode for greater applications flexibility. Gen 3 8.5Gb/s support.
Manufacturer part number: PM304E

LEDs  indication  for  port  bifurcation  and  port  failure.

Features  PCIe  reference  clock  delivery  in  SFF-8644  connectors,  flexible  for  user  to  connect  devices  support  SRIS/SRNS  or  none.

The  clock  domain  in  upstream  port  which  connects  to  host  support  both  of  CFC  or  SSC.

External  or  internal  MiniSAS-HD  connector  has  more  connectivity  to  connect  outer  enclosure  for  storage  space  extension  or  direct  attached  NVMe  drive.

Excellent  signal  integrity  quality  in  cards,  supports  up  to  6  meters  length  of  MiniSAS-HD  SFF-8644 cables.

Implements  micro-controller  for  card  managements  and  Switchtec  MRPC  commands  support. 


PCIe Switch:

Microsemi Switchetc PFX PM8532

Card Dimensions:

166mm (L) x 67mm (W)

PCB Information:

PCI Express add-in card standard, Thickness .063" +/- 0.008" (1.6mm +/- 0.2mm)

Power Consumption:

<18W at 32 active Gen3 links

MiniSAS-HD Connectors:

One x4 MiniSAS-HD SFF8644

LEDs Indication:

System health (Red)

System power (Blue)

Switch heartbeat (Blue)

Downstream ports configure as one x16 (Blue)

Downstream ports configure as two x8 (Green)

Downstream ports configure as four x4 (Orange)

Downstream ports configure as Eight x2 (Blue+Green+Orange)

Port status (Red)

Host/Target Mode:

Host and Target mode


PCIe Gen3 x16 128GT/s in Upstream

PCIe Gen3 x16 128GT/s in Downstream

Port Bifurcation:

1x16, 2x8, 4x4, 8x2

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