LSI20320IE PCIe U320 SCSI Controller Card

PCIe x4 interface, U320 SCSI Interface, 1xVHDCI External Connector, 1x68pin Internal Connector, Up to 15 devices - hard drives, tape drives, RAID Arrays, etc. Includes Low-Profile bracket and Driver CD.
Manufacturer: Broadcom
SKU: SC-20320IE

LSI PCI Express host bus adapters provide high-availability, scalability, and are compatible with the newest workstations and servers. The LSI20320IE adapter features internal and external Ultra320 SCSI channels that allow data transfer rates of 320MB/s. Supporting up to 15 devices for a flexible, fault-tolerant solution, this adapter is ideal for entry-level to enterprise servers and high-performance workstations with PCI Express slots.

The LSI20320IE delivers the speed and bandwidth required by today’s data intensive storage applications, such as data mining, internet, email, graphics, audio editing, database servers, scientific simulation and video streaming. It is ideal for connecting to tape drives and libraries for back-up, disk drives, JBODs, RAID arrays and other SCSI peripherals.

LSI20320IE Features

  • Ultra320 SCSI
  • PCI Express x4 lanes
  • Low-profile MD-2 small form-factor design
  • Fusion-MPTTM architecture
  • Allows up to 15 internal or external physical devices
  • SureLINKTM domain validation optimizes device connections
  • Supports all major Operating Systems
  • High-bandwidth serial PCI Express host interface (2.0 GB/s full-duplex)
  • Ideal for 1U/2U rack servers
  • Thinner drivers improve performance (up to 100,000 I/Os per sec)
  • Outstanding flexibility for Ultra320 & legacy device connectivity
  • Exceptional data reliability and signal quality

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