TerraMaster D5 Thunderbolt 3 Professional-Grade 5-Bay External Hard Drive Enclosure

Ideal Thunderbolt 3 storage solution for professionals especially those with strict speed and safety requirements, including 4K video editing. Two 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, transfer speeds up to 1035MB/s. Daisy-chain up to 6 devices; Support up to 60TB storage capacity (12TB x 5, in RAID 0); Multiple hardware RAID: RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, JBOD, Single.
Manufacturer: TerraMaster
Manufacturer part number: D5
TerraMaster D5 Thunderbolt3

TerraMaster - a professional brand focusing on developing and producing storage products, it includes network attached storage (NAS), direct attached storage (DAS) and accessories. This newly launched TerraMaster D5 Thunderbolt 3 RAID storage provides you more speed, more pixels, and more possibilities! Capitalising on the Thunderbolt 3 and DP interfaces, the D5 Thunderbolt 3 supports multi-screen display with up to 3 screens. Power delivery provides up to 15W of power to recharge compatible laptops. Aluminum-alloy shell, 2*80mm fans ensure great heat dispersion.


Lightning Speed!

The D5 Thunderbolt 3 is equipped with a 40Gbps lightning speed interface, and the read and write support attains speeds of up to 1,035 MB/s (test conditions: 5 SSDs, RAID 0 mode). The device is compatible with daisy chaining across multiple Thunderbolt 3 devices, and each one can be realized using the Thunderbolt interface.

The Ideal Companion for All Professionals

Given its compactness, its large storage capacity, and its lightning speed, the D5 Thunderbolt 3 is ideally suited for the most demanding applications, including 4K video editing, as well as seamless 4K streaming. Other users, especially those with strict speed and storage requirements, will find a valuable partner in this device.

4K video editing

D5 Thunderbolt 3 is ideally suited for the most demanding applications, including 4K video editing, as well as seamless 4K streaming.

Daisy-chain up to 6 devices

Capitalizing on the Thunderbolt 3 and DP interfaces, the D5 thunderbolt 3 supports multi-screen displays with up to 3 monitors or daisy-chain to up to 6 thunderbolt 3 devices. This is an ideal solution for multitaskers, especially when efficiency is the end goal.

60TB Large Storage Capacity

The device gives you the tools you need to overcome any storage challenge. TerraMaster’s 5-bay D5 Thunderbolt 3 is compatible with 3.5" SATA disks and 2.5" SSDs.

Hardware RAID controller

With the built-in hardware RAID controller, the choice is all yours! You can mirror the drives with RAID 5 as a reliable backup for your important data, you can stripe the drives with RAID 0 for optimal performance and maximum speed.

Professional and Safe

Replacing lost content is inconvenient, costly, and, ultimately, unworkable for all professionals. Therefore, with the D5 Thunderbolt 3, TerraMaster has not comprised on its use of state-of-the-art storage technologies to ensure data safety and security.

Professional-Grade RAID Online RAID Level Migration (ORLM)
Compatible with multiple arrays in one device Online RAID Level Migration (ORLM)
RAID Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) Compatible with hot swapping and hot plugging
Automatic drive (insert / removal) detection Supports hot spare disk
Hard Disk NCQ (native command sort) technology Flash cache
Automatic RAID rebuild Multiple RAID initialization types
SHI (Storage Health Inspector - S.M.A.R.T.) Verifies RAID for bad sectors and parity check
Regular and automatic hard drive checks Bad sector repair and remapping
Spin down idle mode Alert notifications via email
Staggered drive spin up Event log
Aluminum Enclosure

D5 thunderbolt 3 adopts aluminum enclosure and low-noise fan, which is firm and reliable, of good heat dissipation, and low noise.

Authoritative Quality Certification

Both Apple and Intel have certified the D5 Thunderbolt 3’s design and performance, ensuring the device’s consistent performance and reliability.

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