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4-Port PCIe eSATA Controller


Our newest and latest four ports eSATA (6Gb) fully support Port Multiplier host controller. The eS3-PCIe24 is a driver-less HBA fully support SATAII / III (6Gb/s) Specification on Windows, Mac, and Linux (PM ware). Twenty devices can be connected.

Key Features

Four eSATA (External SATA I II) ports (6Gbps - compatible with 3Gb PM bridge)

Support MAC 10.x built-in AHCI, WindowXP to Windows 2012, Linux Kernel 2.6.x

4x lanes PCI Express V2 connection offering 20Gbps bandwidth

Supports Port Multipliers with FIS based switching or Command Base

Connect up to Twenty drives via SATAII or SATAIII Port Multiplier including SATA Drives, ODD or SSD

6Gbps eSATA III External 4 Ports PCIe Gen2 or Gen1 x4 Lane Host Adapter

Support SATA Hot-plug capability, Native Command Queuing (NCQ). Windows and Linux OS booting
Using up to four lanes PCI-Express Gen 2, eS3-PCIe24 provides a 20Gb/s data channel that harnesses the total speed of up to twenty (20) hard drives, allowing manufacturers to take full advantage of the speed and plug-and-play convenience of external SATAIII.

Over 1300MB/sec transfers have been measured with four sBOX-eS configured as RAID0.
The eSATA ports on eS3-PCIe24 is a 6Gb/s port, fully compliance SATA III spec, making them ideal for connecting multi drive storage solutions through Port Multiplier bridge boards old 3.0Gb or newer 6Gb/s PM bridges.

The eS3-PCIe24 supports port multipliers using FIS based switching. Traditional SATA controllers only support CMD based switching which can only access a single drive at a time, limiting performance to that of the drive being accessed. The eSATA-PCIe8, based on AsMedia 106x chip-set, supports FIS based switching which accesses multiple drives simultaneously, effectively aggregating the bandwidth of all the drives, including CD/DVD/BD drives.

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