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LSI LSICVM02 CacheVault Flash Cache Protection - LSI00418

SC-LSICVM02 image
Part#: SC-LSICVM02

CacheVault Flash Cache Protection Module for 9361 and 9380 Series. This is a highly recommended addition which will protect the contents of your controller cache against power supply failures and driver crashes similar to a BBU, but without the time limitation or replacement requirements. Non-volatile cache backup means maintenance-free service for years.

CacheVault technology provides RAID controller cache protection using NAND flash memory and a supercapacitor. In the event of a power or server failure, CacheVault technology automatically transfers cached data from the DRAM cache to flash. Once power is restored, the data in the NAND flash is copied back into cache until it can be flushed to the disk drives. This technology eliminates the need for Lithium-ION battery backups that are traditionally used to protect cache memory on PCIe RAID controllers.

  CacheVault Technology Standard Battery Backup
Maintenance schedule None needed over the life of the controller Battery should be replaced every 1-2 years; Battery monitoring required
Maintenance impact None Server must be opened (removed from rack) and should be taken offline while the battery is being replaced
Data recoverable for: 3+ years Up to 72 hours, less if battery is degraded
Charge time Capacitor charges in seconds while the system boots 4.5 to 9 hours
Time to cache protection Immediate 24 to 48 hours for initial capacity test
Inventory requirements None Need to maintain at least a small inventory of emergency replacements
Disposal issues None Need to safely dispose of hazardous battery material

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